Does anyone know the way to Scarborough Fair?

Greetings thoughtful reader! If your eyes are following my carefully-chosen words on this page then I am flattered and grateful! As human beings, I believe that one of the greatest forms respect we can pay to another is giving our attention, which means our time, which could even mean conscious, objective thought and consideration to what others are saying.

This is my very first attempt at “blogging” but most certainly not my first attempt to articulate my thoughts in written form. Any that know me will attest that I am rarely at a loss for a thought or word, but now at this point in time also want to think that I may temper these thoughts that turn into words with some level of wisdom that has been born of experiences and simple survival. We’ve all been there, all made choices that we would undo in a second if only we could. These experiences can fire-forge truth and resolve if we are brave enough to allow it.

So it is my contention that if we don’t become wiser in the living then we relegate ourselves to the “hamster wheel” of repetition and just as you; I have seen this malady in the lives of some. In the stating of this core belief, it’s important that you understand that I do actually shun any serious rush to judgement of others, not because I am so full of virtue or good will but because I see ME in the mirror daily and have truly become aware of my weakness, inabilities and pride. I have little that would warrant redemption in any form, yet knowing this will never stop me from wanting to be a stronger and more understanding man; one who understands the peace of real and lasting love and values the tiny sips of real truth that we are afforded and these treasured above almost anything!

Like you, I struggle sometimes daily to make any sense at all of a world and a people that seem hell-bent on self-destruction and this in the absence of any real or definable reasoning! Money? maybe…Power?…power for what? Don’t we all get that approximated  “three-score and ten” that the Bible speaks of and when this life is over, it will matter exactly squat what power you held or your checkbook balance. Some matters defy the honest attempts at the application of logic and this may well be tops on that list, yet as I stand along side this path today and look back at the past, I wonder how we “progressed” to this place and time where caring, integrity and an innate desire to do good have seemingly all but vanished. More to follow…


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